delta blues, while mustering its own raw, rural sound. Fully loaded with an arsenal of banjos, accordions, fiddles, harmonicas, spoons, glockenspiels,  guitars, an upright bass, clarinets, a washboard and cowbells, they've got songs that will flatten the hills and straighten your curves. This group of fun-seekers, including Michael Kielich, Taylor Aglipay, Danyel Aglipay, Eric White, and Corin Fator, up the ante at their shows with a special brand of  hillbilly kitsch flare. They've  been known to  flip on the disco light, fire up the fog machine, and egg the audience on into uninhibited dance-offs for ridiculous prizes. This musical posse prides itself on inspiring folks of all ages to have a right good time and maybe even get up to strut some hot stuff!

Hold onto your Kishkas folks! The Buckhorn Mountain Stompers are releasing their first full-length album Strut Your Stuff.   Something this exciting hasn’t come out of the Klamaths since, Sasquatch was sighted on the Trinity-Shasta county line back in 1954!  The proverbial Magic Wagon is leaking prodigious amounts of hip shakin’ crude oil, running on all 3 cylinders, and  is shifted into overdrive.


The Buckhorn Mountain Stompers

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are a rip-roaring dance band from the Klamath Mountains, that draws on a variety of traditions, including old timey, stompgrass, polka, jazz and

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It doesn’t matter if you’re in your Plymouth Voyager waiting for your Non-fat Soy, Madagascar Vanilla Latte; speeding a sporty Fiat through the Transylvanian countryside in a turtleneck; lounging with Freak Nasty in a shiny white 1965 Cadillac Coupe DeVille on the Las Vegas strip;  or exhibiting your unquestionable manliness in a jacked up F-350 coming back from a boar hunt outside of Happy Camp; the Buckhorn Mountain Stompers new album is guaranteed to please. If Lawrence Welk were alive, these tunes would get his stage girls dancing in circles instead of squares!

Foot Stomping Dance Music From the Klamath Mountains

Watch the promotional video for Strut Your Stuff