Let Taylor breathe new life into your instrument!

Whether you play brass, woodwind, percussion or strings,

Taylor can help make your instrument reach its full potential. 

Taylor has been a certified Band Instrument Repair Technician since 2005.  He received his credentials from Renton Technical College in Washington state, which is one of only four institutes in North America to offer a repair technician program.  Taylor subsequently worked for three years at Tigard Music, in Oregon where he cut his teeth repairing an array of customer and lease instruments.

Taylor has since set up a repair shop of his own in Weaverville, California where he now performs quality instrument repairs, overhauls and custom work.  He has a fully equipped  shop where he can perform brass instrument chemical cleanings, dent work, valve work and other repairs.  Taylor services all woodwind instruments; flutes, clarinets, saxophones, and double reeds.  He also repairs stringed instruments of all kinds acoustic and electric. 

Taylor has a curiosity and appreciation for all things musical, which makes him a truly gifted healer of instruments.   Please contact Taylor for an estimate regarding any instrument you have that could benefit from the attention of an expert.

(503) 720-7457