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As a child, growing up in Junction City, CA, Danyel wished for violin lessons but was unable to find a local instructor.  Danyel wants to do what she can to provide any potential fiddle players in the rural Weaverville, CA area with a supportive and encouraging fiddling ally.

Danyel, herself is an adult learner of the fiddle and her 'late' start with fiddling gives her fresh and thoughtful insight into the instrument-learning process.  She will work patiently and empathetically with her students to help them break daunting musical and fiddling concepts down into manageable parts.

Danyel is especially inspired by traditional Eastern European and Irish folk styles of fiddling but encourages students to play whatever catches their ears and their imaginations.  Danyel offers beginning and intermediate  fiddle lessons to students of all ages.

$20 half hour

$30 full hour

The first lesson is free

Please contact Danyel to set up a lesson!

(503) 720-6092


Learn with Danyel

As a life-long student of music, who is constantly trying out new instruments and new styles of music himself, Taylor appreciates the frustrations and the milestones involved in learning a musical instrument.  He offers his services as a knowledgeable and understanding guide  along your musical way.

Taylor provides lessons to students of all ages on the following instruments: 

Beginning to advanced lessons on saxophone, guitar and bass

Beginning to intermediate lessons on clarinet and flute

Beginning lessons on piano/keyboards

$20 half hour

$30 full hour

The first lesson is free

Please contact Taylor to set up a lesson!

(503) 720-7457