Suitcase Drum

Taylor explains the portable, affordable suitcase foot drum that he created for Rainy Day Picnic.  To demonstrate he performs his version of 'Let the Storms Come' by Michael Kielech of the Buckhorn Mountatin Stompers.

Rainy Day Picnic,

of Weaverville, California, plays  tunes ranging from woeful Gypsy melodies to raw originals, and folksy traditionals to fetching Irish fiddle pieces. The duo has a gritty, old world sound fit for any backyard bonfire.

Taylor and Danyel drive their contagious beats with homemade foot-operated drums while singing away and playing a bouquet of instruments including guitar, violin, flute, accordion, banjo, jaw harp, and glockenspiel.

By evoking the voices of multiple continents and eras while cultivating its own visceral sound, the pair promises to take its listeners on quite the musical ride. 

just another Tuesday afternoon

in action at the Full Circle Farms Farm to Table Dinner

The Devil's Questions

The devil poses a series of questions to a maiden, who must answer correctly if she wishes to keep her soul. The oldest written manuscript of this song dates from 1450. Performed in the outskirts of Weaverville, CA some months after a forest fires swept through.


Folk Grit Sound

desert rehearsal

enjoying a rainy day picnic


Watch a Rainy Day Picnic  show in just three and a half minutes!  These 12 excerpts from live video recordings give a sense of the broad range of tunes the duo plays.