Please take a peek into the OffBeat Accents Etsy shop where there is something for just about anyone.

Taylor, a band instrument repair technician by trade, began transforming irreparable musical instruments into jewelry in 2011 after he made a pair of earrings to give to his wife, Danyel.

Danyel and Taylor now run an online store, OffBeat Accents, featuring  their recycled musical instrument creations.  The pair is continuously amassing orphaned instrument pieces and transforming them into wearable and functional works of art. 

OffBeat Accents has a constantly evolving inventory but generally offers jewelry made from:

-flute, clarinet and sax keys;

-trumpet valve caps 

-trumpet finger buttons;

-metal cut from the bodies of defunct               flutes, cymbals, trombones and                         trumpets;

-spent strings taken off Taylor's own guitars ;

-clarinet and guitar wood;

-cello, violin and guitar tuners;

-vinyl records.

No potentially workable instruments are harmed in the making of OffBeat Accents' musical instrument products.  If an instrument can be made to play Taylor will use his expert repair skills to bring the instrument back to life.

You can find the current OffBeat Accents inventory here:


Musical Instrument  Lovelies

The inspiring view from the OffBeat Accents studio